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Nursing Newborn


“One of the most highly effective preventive measures a mother can make in protecting the health of her infant and herself is to breastfeed.”
-US Surgeon General, January 2011

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Jofili Pediatrics is dedicated to creating a supportive and safe environment for mothers who choose to breastfeed.  With education, support and collaboration they can successfully enjoy the emotional and physiological benefits of breastfeeding. 

Breastfeeding is a natural physiological process and for most mothers, it is a smooth transition with many rewards.  However, there is some acquired learning that can help mothers overcome possible challenges.

Having a physician who understands the critical importance of breastfeeding and is trained to recognize possible obstacles, can be the key to a successful long-term breastfeeding experience.  Dr. Jofili has devoted many years to helping and encouraging mothers on their breastfeeding journey.  She is currently a guest speaker of The Breathe Baby Course where she lectures about a holistic approach to tongue-tie. Her clinical expertise combined with her personal experience nursing her three sons is an asset to mothers who need extra support. 

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