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Delivering Compassionate Patient-Centered Care

Direct access to the doctor:
Don't you wish you could have direct access to your pediatrician in situations where you are dwelling on what the next step should be in terms of your child's health? Concierge medicine is associated with fewer unnecessary visits to the emergency room. The personalized support from your trusted holistic pediatrician can translate into fewer interventions such as unnecessary antibiotics. We understand that new parents need extra support to gain confidence and knowledge to navigate parenthood.

Longer appointments and shorter waiting times:
We create a space where families feel heard while we focus on prevention and education.  
Bridging Conventional and Holistic Medicine: DrJofili's unique background having attended pediatric residency twice in two different continents brought her to the realization that there was a missing piece in the modern approach to medicine. While conventional medicine is disease-centered, Dr. Jofili practices in a way to prevent disease in the first place. If prevention is not possible, then address the root cause of the illness.  
She founded Jofili pediatrics to provide families with a model where conventional and holistic medicine meet to provide excellent care, fostering a partnership between families and doctors.
We have an arsenal of state-of-the-art functional testing and integrative modalities to prevent, identify and treat the root cause of children’s health issues.

Newborn home visit: We are happy to accommodate and support new moms who don't want to disrupt their home's familiar and comfortable setting to attend an office visit. Jofili Pediatrics offers home visits when booked in advance. We invite you to call the office to find out more about our service and affordable traveling fees.  

Coordination of care: We are happy to collaborate with other doctors and create a truly integrative approach to your child's health care experience. 

Costs and Fees: We accept most PPO insurances for covered services.  We charge a membership fee for our comprehensive holistic approach. We also provide consultative services. 
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