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Happy Children

The Holistic Approach

Childhood is a window of opportunity to support and create health yet it is also a vulnerable time where a gentle approach to addressing imbalances is most valuable.

Dr. Jofilis's interest in letting the body activate its own ability to heal started early in her carrier.  She would spend time educating families and would combine natural remedies and lifestyle changes instead of only prescribing medicine.

Dr. Jofili and her team are constantly researching the best science-based natural approaches available to support your family.

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Homeopathic Medicine

Clinical Homeopathy: Based on the belief that the body can heal itself. It utilizes natural substances that would otherwise bring on symptoms in a healthy person but given the right dilution and preparation can treat an illness with similar symptoms. 
It is one of our favorite tools due to its efficacy and low side effect profile.

Cosmetic Oils

Aromatherapy: The therapeutic use of essential oils is far from new.  We utilize essential oils derived from different parts of plants to aid in the treatment of emotional, psychological, and physical illnesses.

Hanging Herbs

Herbology: Leaves, seeds, or flowers can be used to prepare flavorful foods but also when used in tinctures or tea preparation can become powerful remedies that can change physiology and promote health. 


Gemmotherapy:  A form of phytotherapy based on homeopathic principles that utilize the embryological tissues of plants to support healthy organ function, tissue regeneration, and encourage toxin elimination via detoxification pathways. 

Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Nutraceuticals:  Nutraceuticals are foods or part of a food that provide medicinal and health benefits, Our team is continually researching to find the best professional lines of nutraceuticals. We look for third-party certification, FDA-approved facilities, and transparency.

Mother and Child

Baby massage: The importance of touch in child development and sensory maturing is well represented in the practice of baby massage. We enjoy discussing the benefits of baby massage and teaching parents how to create the time for this bonding modality that can positively impact neurodevelopment. It has been associated with weight gain, reduced incidence of colics, promote bowel regularity, and improved sleep.

Children Meditating

Lifestyle changes: How we live, think, love, and play impacts our health and the health of others around us. The WHO defines health as not only the absence of disease but as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. We strive to teach parents how to apply lifestyle changes that will improve their family's quality of life. 

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